We serve a wide variety of clients from individual customers to large corporations. We receive requests for branding from creative fields such as fashion and architecture and from local governments, NPOs or lawyers and doctors who have barely considered design at all.
Sometimes our clients know exactly what they want and how to get it; sometimes they do not. And that is totally okay! We frequently hear:
・ I want to start a new business, but I don’t know what to do first
・ Product sales are sluggish
・ I want to be different from many competitors
・ I want to revitalize the city
・ I want to raise awareness overseas
These statements are more than enough to get started. Our specialty lies in solving for specific outcomes by means of design. We will work together to get a deep sense of your situation, clarify any challenges, and brainstorm about what is the best way to achieve your goals. So we welcome you wherever you are in that process.
When working with our Japanese customers, we aren’t frequently asked about branding. That is because the branding process isn’t very well known but often it is exactly what is needed to set them up for success. To do so, we work with you, hand in hand, starting with the problem. We will then establish a clear and desirable outcome, and create the process of how to get there.
The point of branding is to convey your genuine story, your unique goodness. In a thorough interview, we will uncover exactly what messages and concepts you are trying to convey. Then, we will dive into research mode. We organize market trends, competitive surveys, target audience, brand characteristics, and formulate strategies based on our experience and know-how. From that data, we craft the North Star that the brand will aim for and will also be the basis of your visual identity.
Another aspect of our workflow that is unique to our agency is that we do not carry out multiple projects at one time. When you work with us, you have our full attention. We concentrate on a singular brand per month and bring it to fruition in a short period of time.
Our branding workflow is straightforward and easy.
Once the branding is complete, we will even create a management system with our clients to maintain the brand value and to continue growing it to a brand that is loved forever.