Exciting news: We have relocated our HI(NY) Kyoto Office. Our original office, which we had since 2016, was a wonderful machiya house unique to Kyoto and I adored it.
Unfortunately due to the pandemic, as many did during that time, we had to change the way we worked. We decided to permanently take on the ROWE system. This meant that there was frequently no one in the office. It was fatal to the old-fashioned machiya houses where daily care was necessary.
Luckily, we easily found a beautiful new home: The Nishinoyama House. Designed by famed architect Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA , our new workplace seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor living. The buildings are made of glass with boundaries between neighbors so that the sunlight can stream in.
I am looking forward to visiting. To protect the privacy of other residents, we cannot publish the exact address. But if you come for a meeting… we will give you the secret password!