HI(NY)‘s strength lies in our unique perspective: our firm consists of mostly women with an international perspective.
Iku and I studied design and branding in New York. We were both born and raised in Japan and have lived here for nearly 20 years. We respect the traditional beauty of Japan, embody the energy and creativity of New York, and infuse our nimble and subtle perspective into every brand we create.
We have a small team for each project, working intimately with our clients to create a more personalized brand. For that very reason, we don’t take on multiple projects at the same time. We focus on one brand per month and get them in tip-top shape at an accelerated pace.
Our Vision
We collaborate with your business to help you clarify your core values, and then work together to create design that inspires positive change and contributes to the greater good.
Our Model
In order to keep our focus on the quality of our work and provide clients with the best creative solutions, we undertake only one project a month.
Our Strategy
As a partner to companies and communities, we explore the essence of your values and help frame your vision, in order to solve problems sustainably and elegantly.
Your Story
We listen carefully for the genuine story that is yours alone, and look for the underlying values that you may not have known were there.
Our Design
We create a design system, with a clear and cohesive look and feel, that best translates your story into a brand experience.
It is our greatest joy to help build brands that are loved and delight people around the world.


Commemorative poster for Coca-Cola in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the iconic contour bottle.


Branding and design for Shakespeare&Co., a bookstore and cafe in NYC.